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April 01, 2015
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Alex Altomare, Rachael Qualls & Matt Watson @etwokc

We have developed a big data platform which takes the guesswork and inefficiency out of early-stage entrepreneurship.

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Voix de la Ville

Robert L. Waldrop @VoixdesVilles

Voix de la Ville (french literal: "Voice of the City" or City Voice) provides artistic expression opportunities for artists and future artists through our public art venues, competitions and online publications. Our goals: Promoting the arts in the city squares Raising appreciation for beauty and making beauty accessible Building and connecting arts communities across the country and world Bringing and expanding fine art into social media Making arts entertaining for everyone

Meet the Organizers

Brittain Kovac @brittainkovac

Brittain is the Chief Nomad at Hostel KC, the place where sleep has a purpose. In her not-so-spare time Brittain is an experiential marketer, co-leader of the KCSV, works with KC based search engine, Leap.it and is working to cultivate a purpose driven community of awesome travelers.
Hostel KC

Courtney Chapman @CChapman711

Courtney is the CFO/COO of Proof Positioning. We expose how your brand's position should impact your business. When you understand your brand, all of your business decisions become easy.
Proof Positioning

Bryan Azorsky @Azorsky

Bryan is a maker of physical and digital products. He's a founder at www.Bagettes.com, a custom photo gift line of women's cosmetic bags as well as a Website Developer for small businesses, authors and restaurants.

Lance Windholz @ecnal15

Lance is an entrepreneur at heart which lead him to volunteer at 1MC, also his love for coffee. In his "day job" he manages operations for two KC software development companies that focus on start-ups. His side projects include creating a new brand of sunglasses coming in 2014, building several Android applications, and more.

Milton Jeffrey @miltonjeffrey

Milton is an Entrepreneur and creator of digital brand experiences. He's focused on product management for software development for start ups and large companies and has a background in web applications and finance.

Past Organizers
George Brooks @conceptsguy
Jason Carrigan @JasonCarrigan
John McGovern @brochachos
Melissa Roberts @msmeliss2024
Mike Craig @BuzzMeDo

Proudly Sponsored By

Our vision is to foster a society of economically independent individuals who are engaged citizens in their communities.

Past Presenters

Gather is a niche discovery platform that accomplishes its mission through event sharing.

Velo + and Maps Coffee Roasters


I own KC's only bike coffee roastery. I am a bike shop owner, customer steel bicycle frame-builder, and coffee roaster. We sell bicycles, accessories, service, have classes for both bikes and coffee. We brew our own beer and fun riding bikes.



LINKS-IT makes it quicker and easier for veterinarians and pet owners to attach and change tags. In 2014, LINKS-IT won Becker’s Best award as one of the top ten new pet products and was a Finalist in Martha Stewart’s American Made competition. LINKS-IT is launching Retrieve-Me, a new tag that is more legible and durable than engraved metal tags.



mySidewalk is a place for civic-minded people to connect and have conversations on the local issues they care about most, like education, elections, and the economy. In short, it's the place where they can be more informed, inspired, and involved where they live.

Giving the Basics


We are a non profit, providing human dignity products, like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper and deodorant, that are not covered by government assistance to over 60 registered pantry locations in the Kansas City metro area, We do this so people can get clean and get a job and so that kids can thrive in the classroom environment.

Ideabove - Swizzle


Swizzle started as a Music Video Playlist system that let you collaborate on playlists. Now we are pivoting to create Video Clip Albums. These albums will allow you to pull together video clips from online sources into one location easily. The albums will play like a compilation video, with each clip playing from its original source, letting you pause to watch the whole video a clip is from, navigate clips, comment on them, move them around, share them, and more.

Soupe Glacee


Selling chilled vegetarian summer soups, handmade in small batches with local produce, made fresh each week in Kansas City with no preservatives, MSG or gluten in local area grocery stores.

The Sundry


Market & Kitchen: The Market carries a full-line of grocery staples focusing on locally sourced products. The Kitchen utilizes many local Market products to craft breakfast, lunch, and to-go dinner as well as cured meats, sauces, soups, and snacks offered in the Market.

PlanIT Impact


PlanIT impact is a web based resource impact assessment tool that is making sustainable design easy, accessible and affordable. We use the advantages of Big Data and Open Data to link standard design tools to geo-specific information, which allows the design process to be front loaded with the critical information needed to achieve higher performance, smarter buildings and communities.

RFP365 helps companies manage their Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Whether you create and issue RFPs or respond to RFPs, RFP365 provides time saving features, centralized knowledge management, configurable workflow, and real-time analytics.

Granolove LLC


We started this company after I left my job as news anchor to take care of our 2 young children. I started making honey-roasted granola in our kitchen, then we started selling at the Farmer's Market of the Ozarks. Now we have 4 fabulous flavors of bagged artisan granola. We sell in dozens of retail outlets in Missouri and we just broke into the Kansas City Market this past fall. Granolove's mission is giving 10% profits to children's bone research through Shriners Hospitals where our daughter is treated.

Hello Happiness Card Company


Hello Happiness Card Company was launched in November 2014 with a mission to give people tangible tools to encourage other. Creators Josh & Jenny Solar believe that words are powerful and can change others lives. So they set out to create a line of greeting cards that are incredibly loving and encouraging... And very different than anything you'll find in the card aisle at Target!



BT Technologies is a technology and idea firm bringing together business and creative processes. Our first creation is PokerWords, the home game that brings together Poker and word games!

Howard's Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch


Howard’s is a membership grocery that is focused on local food. It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and based on the honor system. As well as a grocery store, Howard’s also does catering and grows veggies in urban gardens around Kansas City which produce food for the store. We opened in the City Ice building on June 1st 2012, and the past two and a half years have been great but our lease has been cut short. The City Ice building has been purchased and slated for demolition this fall. We had to move out. This is a great chance for Howard’s to grow into a new space. The new model will still have the 24/7 grocery, but I will be adding a cafe and rooftop garden.

Songette Music, Inc.


Songette Music is a personalized music video greeting for every occasion. We deliver a 30 – 60 second downloadable music video delivered to your mobile device or email. Our songs are originals that we have been written and composed by our musicians and can be fully customized. The platform allows for existing artist or new comers to showcase their abilities. Songettes through consumer personalization communicate true emotions in a greeting that a standard greeting card can not do.

Acts Of Good, LLC


"The Acts of Good Journal" is a hand crafted book / journal that "pays it forward" in a unique way. How It Works: 1.Buy a journal & register it online 2.Complete an Act of Good for someone & give that person the journal / Yes, literally give it to them. 3.Follow Along: You can follow / track where the journal goes after you pass it on 4.You Get It Back: After all 12 Acts are completed, the journal is mailed back to you filled with the stories of where it went, what it did & the lives touched along the way.

The Memory Preservation Company LLC


Family Stories is a memory preservation site for your family stories. We believe there are thousands of moments that are worth documenting to never be forgotten. A family shares memories that words will bring back to life and pictures will infinitely describe. Some of these events are worth sharing with the world but we designed a more intimate way to document and cherish these memories. Our vision is for parents to create an online book that provides limitless storage for their family memories.

The Vogue Party


We offer women the opportunity to look and feel like a model. At a Vogue party they get their makeup applied and we style them for their own photo session. They purchase the images and can share them with family and friends via social/professional websites and even print them.



Whiteboard is a task and project management application that helps you focus on what matters most in your day, whether it be collaborating with clients and colleagues on projects at work or managing to-dos at home.

Lisn’s goal is to simplify and create user-centric communities around podcasts. Think ‘podcast meets pinterest’. We have a centralized podcasting platform that aggregates podcasts from around the web. We plan to utilize customer data to drive in revenue from new and existing podcast advertisers.

Remember Everyone -REON


No more typing phone numbers. No more mistyping email addresses. No more business cards? We can now connect easily and accurately with a swipe of our finger. With a belief that together we are better, Remember Everyone created REON, a mobile app with cutting edge patent pending technology that allows us to build our networks and easily exchange contact information when we meet.

Air Filter On Demand


Air Filter On Demand is a HVAC filter subscription company that offers the best quality air filters on the market. People forget to change their air filters every month and that can severely damage their HVAC system, cause air flow problems, and raise electrical bills. With our subscription you will receive an Air Filter every month, which will double the life expectancy of your HVAC system, give you the best air flow, reduce allergies in your home and save tons of money in electricity costs.

Big Bang is a backend as a service (BaaS) platform for developing real-time applications for mobile devices, desktop applications and the Internet of Things. We make connecting the worlds devices simple, reliable, and cost effective. With Big Bang’s SDKs and APIs, developers can build scalable, highly concurrent applications for large numbers of users without maintaining servers or infrastructure.



Promoting eating healthy at work. We provide people stuck in an office a healthy alternative to vending machine snacks with convenient access to fresh fruit boxes (and vegetables) at your workplace.



HappyBottoms is Kansas City's Diaper Bank, providing diapers to KC's babies in need. Diapers are not covered by any public aid program (food stamps or WIC) and many families struggle between being able to pay for their rent or buying diapers. We believe no parent should make that choice.

The KC Wordshop is an expansion of the Washington Wordshop, which was founded in Spring 2012 in Kansas City, Kansas. The founders make up the bulk of Washington High School's English/Language Arts department. After viewing Dave Egger's "Once Upon a School" TED Talk, we transformed the school's industrial arts room into a space where students could hone, create, and broadcast any project generated by the written word. Honoring the spirit of industry, our mode is one of apprenticeship.

M and D for Kansas City Tasty Thai Tiger Cried Sauce


It took us 12 years but we did it! We finally put our homemade Tiger Cried Sauce in a bottle for you to enjoy at home. Whether you use it as a marinade or just on the side our Tiger Cried Sauce is sure to spice up your life. Made from fresh and dry thai chili peppers mixed with lemon juice and fish sauce, its perfect on all chicken, beef, fish, and seafood, it even makes a great salad dressing. This product do not contain any MSG or preservatives.



We're a resource to the tournament planning industry. We offer educational resources and fresh ideas to tournament planners and help golf courses connect with tournament planners. Our golf course search engine highlights a course's information that tournament planners would want to know: clubhouse capacity, food and beverage options, etc. Planners can make better decisions about the tournaments they plan to make them more successful.

Make It Easy Autos


Make It Easy Autos is a performance-based website wherein dealers pay for sales, not leads. With our cost-per-sale model, the dealer only pays if a sale occurs. The alignment of incentives in this model motivates us to deliver the highest quality leads possible – consumers who are ready to buy. This approach puts all the risk on us but, it also gives us the opportunity to sign up every dealer in America. Signing up every dealer gives us a marketing platform that will be unrivaled by our competition.

Panda Laundry Factory


Panda Laundry is a revolution in wash-and-fold service. Implementing software to control custom mechanical conveyor systems, Panda will be able to process personal laundry at greater speeds and with higher accuracy while still keeping costs low. Panda is the Ford assembly line for the emerging laundry-by-app marketplace.

A small Missouri based company which diversifies products and services across the drinking water and telecommunications industry. In particular Estech LLC holds a patent applied design on a magnetic bracketing system which enables owners of water towers to have a more optimum installation when cables and antennae are attached to the structures’ high-value coatings systems. Additionally, Estech LLC has spear-headed a solution for underwater video inspections given to structures owned by municipalities such as water towers and clarifiers. Estech LLC is also capable of rapid prototype design and production, well versed in a catalogue of materials sciences and has recently worked with the Special Operations community in mission critical solutions.

GeoLearn LLC


Online learning for the geospatial industry, with 100% video-based courses for professional development and technician training content. Our state of the art digital studio is optimized for high quality video capture using multiple cameras, but with quick turnaround. Sometimes, our videos are ready to be rendered out in as little as 15 minutes after we finish recording. We offer group solutions for corporations, professional associations and vendors and resellers of products used in the industry.



Blooom is 401k help for the Internet Age. In the US, there are over 50 million people participating in employer sponsored retirement plans, commonly 401ks. The vast majority of these folks are significantly mismanaging their accounts. In short, blooom’s mission is to fix as many of these 401ks as possible. Pie charts and line graphs with a gazillion indecipherable colors aren’t helping anyone these days – especially the average 401k investor.

Labor Chart, LLC


Providing simplified software solutions to the construction industry.

Panda Boxes


We rent stackable moving boxes to you in Kansas City. Along with moving boxes we offer other packing supplies such as packing paper, and wardrobe boxes. Everything we provide is delivered to you when you need it, and picked up when you are done.

Goods for Good. Beautiful, limited edition phone cases that enable clean water access around the world.

Health-E-Me a virtual video conference service providing 24/7 telehealth-psychological services with high resolution live video conference anywhere there is an internet connection. Health-e-Me provides a high resolution signal using a regular lap top computer, I-pad or smartphone. Therefore: 1. Does not requiring expensive camera equipment to utilize. 2. Reduces the “barrier to entry” for hospitals and clinics- no longer cost prohibitive 3. Can be operated from anywhere there is an internet connection. 4. No longer “tethered” to a physical location 5. Can be used 24/7 – after business hours, weekends and holidays 6. High resolution makes live conference feel you are in the same room 7. Has the capability to be recorded for future viewing 8. Service is HIPPA compliant and encrypted. With BAA contracts in place with institutional uses (i.e. - hospitals, schools, etc.)

iActing Studios Kansas City


Top Hollywood acting teachers teach acting to actors around the globe via video conferencing, pre-recorded classes and one on one coaching. Our local Kansas City studio allows multiple in person students to work virtually with our teachers via video conferencing. We have worked with the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) program to bring our teachers to high school students and are working with the KC Film Commissioners office to create education opportunities.



CallOnTheGo is the only sales tool on mobile that... Auto-speed dial's your leads, prospects, customers Plug's into every CRM Tracks call activity Takes notes on the fly Has a predictive data analysis & forecasting engine



UCHIC is a for-profit social commerce lifestyle brand for young women ages 15-22 with an important social good goal -- to fuel their dreams through our product sales.

Novadiol, Inc.


Novadiol is a Kansas City based biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class treatments for vitamin D deficiency and for secondary Hyperparathyroidism (sHPT), a condition seen in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients. Novadiol is the exclusive worldwide licensee for a patented vitamin D product that will be much more effective than vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 in treating the two above mentioned conditions.

Tin Man Prints


We create custom aluminum prints from your favorite photos. We have a unique magnetic mounting system that requires no nails or screws in your walls, making it a very versatile product.

Acre Designs


Acre builds homes that change lives by building smarter homes. An owner of an Acre home will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest and utility expenses versus a typical home, completely altering the trajectory of their lives. 

Digital Legacy, LLC


LiveOn is a platform for sharing Digital Memories and personal video messages, now and decades into the future.

RE-Axe Products LLC


We are the innovators of the 'Axe-Handler' Guitar Stand

Farmobile LLC

coming soon

Farmobile is the data collection platform for Agricultrue around the world. Using a proprietary designed hardware device to transfer farm machine data from equipment to the cloud, thus automatically generating an EFR (Electronic Farm Record). This EFR can be shared with other channel partners if the farmer chooses to permission access.

FitBark Inc.


FitBark is a beautiful activity monitor that helps you understand your dog's health and behavior, so you can take better care of them. The awesome data sets we seamlessly generate are helping veterinarians, animal pharmas, food and retail companies better target or validate their products and services.

TNK Children's Foundation


Since our establishment in 2013, TNKCF seeks to serve these families in a variety of practical ways to help relieve the daily stress of caring for a critically ill child at home. Because each family's needs are different, TNKCF provides a wide range of services including cooked meals, groceries, house cleaning, gas cards, fun family time, identification of resources and support groups. TNKCF provides or identifies both immediate and long-term priorities to help keep the family stable and functioning.

The Lean Lab


The Lean Lab is building the next generation of education entrepreneurs bettering Kansas City schools. The Lean Lab launches innovative and needed education ventures through an incubator fellowship program and ongoing community events.

TriStar History and Preservation, Inc. dba TriStar Experience


TriStar exists to "Inspire Greater Achievement Through Higher Altitude”, engaging children in STEM fields of study and careers through direct exposure to flyable jet aircraft, flight operations and aviation/aerospace related professions. TriStar can also support other charitable groups needing access to air travel. TriStar is not a museum. Rather TriStar will work with museums, schools, children's groups and other organizations to extend their ability to offer experiential learning programs.

Beer Paws


Beer Paws makes your dog a better drinking buddy through innovative products like bottle opener collar tags and handcrafted collars studded with beer caps. We also partner with brewers to make spent grain beer biscuits for dogs and are the only Midwest company that brews beer for dogs. Instead of alcohol, which is bad for canines, our doggy beer contains K9 glucosamine. A portion of all profits is donated to animal rescue organizations.

Engage Mobility


Engage Mobility provides a mobile communication platform for customer engagement. Engage specializes in allowing businesses to communicate with their customers at the right place and the right time. We allow businesses to utilize mobile communication technologies such as augmented reality, geo-fencing, geo-targeting and push notifications.



Knoda organizes the world's predictions to create a fun game for predictors and valuable information for content producers.



LittleHoots is the easiest way to capture, style and archive all the wise and wonderful things children say.

Niall A luxury goods company on a quest to create the next great American luxury brand. The Niall One is our debut product. http://niallwatch.com/



TravelingNuker.com provides scheduling and hiring contact information for the 11 unionized skilled building trades that work to maintain the US nuclear power plant fleet. Sound too niche? Nuclear power accounts for 19% of all US electricity production, $70 billion of a $366 billion dollar electricity market. The workforce that we charge our subscription fees numbers over 250,000. They will earn approximately $13.4 billion dollars each year from the work we track in this industry.



Neighbor.ly is the civic investment platform where communities can raise money for civic projects. Investors can earn money and perks in return.



The Symptom.ly platform is a clinically-validated, web-based dashboard and communication portal for primary care providers, researchers and patients to effectively track patient-entered health symptoms. Our first product line is eAsthma Tracker, a patient-entered data system, for child asthma developed by researchers at the University of Utah and Intermountain Healthcare's Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC).



Viirt measures your roof from space and then puts $2500 in your pocket.

Random Shirt Club


Our website platform showcases grassroots apparel companies from all over no matter city or style(Currently in beta). Our goal is to create brand awareness for these up and coming companies through synergy.

Recommended Daily LLC


The Recommended Daily is a food and drink publication based in Kansas City, Missouri. We currently have a digital publication with plans to add a print quarterly in the future. We've launched a beer app for the iPhone that highlights the explosion of microbreweries in the Kansas City area. We're also hosting a series of food and drink events around the city.

WYCO is a new fashion brand that aims to empower customers to build their own unique style through clever engineering of products. We are the building blocks of style!

Cosmo Finger Guard


A patented cut resistant specialty glove designed to protect hairdressers and barbers from accidental cuts when using shears. I presented April 2nd, 2014 in Peoria. The Videos are on You Tube.

EveryTicketGives, LLC


EveryTicketGives provides an easy way to sell event tickets online, and we give a portion of our fees – $0.50 for every ticket — to the charity of the event planner's choice. The company is run by successful entrepreneurs Sean Spence and Greg Wolff and is generating revenues. An advisory board of local heavyweights has been assembled to assist in building a company of national prominence.

Biology Rocks


Biology Rocks offers teacher support for a new high school Biology curriculum built from the ground up based on one goal: use as many inquiry-based active learning lessons as possible in a single course calendar.

Grapevine Events, LLC


Grapevine Events coordinates neighborhood events at no cost to minimize risk and the stress of having to run the event. Our corporate sponsors invest in our events as an advertising channel via providing product samples/coupons to be placed in a party favor bag for each household. After events, we donate a portion of our profits to a local school of choice after receiving product feedback surveys. Our events are an efficient platform for companies to increase brand recognition and receive valuable feedback.



JoeBid.com is a Kansas City based company that helps Homeowners quickly and easily find and hire qualified contractors. On JoeBid.com a homeowner can review contractor profiles, ratings and reviews, all for free before deciding who they want to bid on their home maintenance or home improvement project. Contractors also like JoeBid because the only time they ever pay is when a lead actually converts. We do not charge to be listed, or even per lead, but rather a low % if the contractor does the work.

KC Pet Project


KC Pet Project's mission is to end the killing of healthy and treatable pets in Kansas City, Missouri by using the most progressive and lifesaving programs and promoting effective animal control policies. We operate the only open-admission shelter for the city of Kansas City, MO and we are a No Kill shelter that cares for over 9,000 pets a year.

MADI Apparel


MADI Apparel - it stands for Make a Difference Intimate Apparel. For every pair of underwear purchased (any of our six styles), MADI will donate our modest brief style to a woman in need. Think - TOMs Shoes - just with underwear...We've partnered with domestic violence shelters, disaster relief organizations, orphanages in India, Christian churches, etc., to receive our donations. MADI undies are manufactured in the USA (South Carolina) out of lace and sustainable bamboo fabrics.

Colors Macarons


We are a French Macaron Bakery in the River Market, KC. We do wholesale, retail and special events.

Panacea gives you the tool to make sure the medicine you're buying is real. We print unique codes on medicine strips which can be checked for authenticity by the customer through a simple text. We are disrupting the $130 million market of medicine counterfeit industry in Bangladesh.

Band of Angels


A partnership formed between Meyer Music & Fox 4 TV to collect used music instruments and make the available to kids in need to begin school band & orchestra programs. A summer camp scholarship program also allows these kids to attend music camp on scholarship. Our goal is to help kids in need from grade school to college making the opportunity for them to gain a life skill and study music. To date 800 instruments given to kids and schools from our program.

International PROOF Systems, LLC


International PROOF Systems (IPS) has a mission to improve current processes through advanced technology. IPS is currently improving the process of validating auto insurance, vehicle registration, and minimizing the time that it takes to locate a vehicle in the instance of an emergency, this is all performed through the world's first computerized license plate, known as PROOF Smart Tags.



4DSales is a tablet based (iPad and Windows 8) application developed for sales professionals by sales professionals with the expressed purpose of creating energy, conversation and professionalism in a sales call.

Saving Memories Forever


Saving Memories Forever is all about building family connections between generations and through time by recording and sharing family stories. Using a unique iPhone and Android app stories can be recorded and uploaded to the Saving Memories Forever private website anywhere a subscriber has a wireless device. We recently won the 2014 RootsTech Developer's Challenge for the most innovative service in the family history/genealogy market over the past year. We are being mentored by ITEN St. Louis.



An educational program aimed at urban teens engaging them in STEM principles and communication skills through hands-on learning and mentor involvement. We use environmental issues of our time in our projects and have converted 4 gas-powered cars to be fully electric. We expand the vision for their futures by exposing them to adults who come from all sorts of backgrounds and show up for them every week as mentors during the learning process. We aim to have a positive influence on workforce development.



P2Binvestor is the first and only crowdfunding platform for receivables-backed lines of credit. We provide small businesses with necessary working capital by crowdfunding their invoices to accredited investors on our website. In exchange for lending, our investors get a nice monthly return, as well as the satisfaction of supporting small business, fueling the economy, and creating jobs.

SD Strong Distilling


Small batch craft distillery

The Female Baseball Cap


LB ENTERPRISES was started by Natalie Blake Scantlin. Typically finding products that had a problem that needed a solution. The product " Female Baseball Cap" has a larger hole in the back of the original baseball cap more suited for women's hair. Women have been wearing men's baseball cap style since 1886.

One of the nation's fastest growing concierge, or direct primary care practices. We do not take any insurance, but rather charge a monthly membership of $10-100/mo based on age for unlimited visits, no copays, free procedures and access to wholesale meds and labs for up to 95% discounts. We can then take that value and use our insurance experts, Joe Martin and David Powell to reduce insurance premiums for families and employers by up to 60% We are now building software to help similar doctors.

Bellezze Alte, Inc.


Bellezze Alte is an apparel and footwear company tailored to tall women. We offer an online boutique found at www.tallcollections.com and we currently have our clothing line, The Madeline Lubrano Collection, in production. Bellezze Alte's mission is to tap the need for fashionable clothing and footwear to tailor to the exact need of tall women. Bellezze Alte is committed to eliminating the struggles that women of height face when shopping by offering a selection and convenience that other women have.

Second Life Studios


Second Life Studios exists to inspire an authentic lifestyle, to challenge the prefabricated status quo. We do this by cultivating, designing and building human scaled spaces with reclaimed materials. We believe a great narrative exists within the redemption of nouns: people, places and things. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to make their cities a better place to live. We choose to do that through creating space for people to interact with other people.

Bella Minds


Bella Minds seeks to bridge the divide between urban tech centers and the educated women of rural America who seek to more fully participate in the modern workforce.

Enduralock, LLC


Enduralock offers custom fastener engineering solutions that provide vibration resistant permanence, while providing for reversibility and reusability through a proprietary tool. The technology has been validated through its use in the spinal implant Minuteman, which is being implanted in patients in Europe and Israel and is currently FDA pending. Enduralock is now extending this technology into other industrial applications commencing with aerospace, oil & gas, construction, automotive, and military. dhess@enduralock.com

The Giving Grove


The Giving Grove seeks to inspire and equip urban core neighborhoods to grow their own healthy produce, including fruits, berries and nuts.

Onspring Technologies


An enterprise business collaboration platform for everyone.

Royal loyal is here to revolutionize the way customers shop at gas stations, convenience stores and other retail locations. Royal Loyal is a universal mobile application service that promotes store products on a daily basis. The application will provide consumers a way to connect with their favorite stores and save money on various products. The business owners will have the opportunity to build a solid customer base by offering various deals and discounts to loyal customers.

LigoSphere LLC


LigoSphere is developing a mobile app for college students called Ligo. Our alpha launch is spring 2014 on select campuses in the Greater Kansas City area.

My Strategic Shopping


My Strategic Shopping (“MySS”), successor to two-year old KC Strategic Shopping, is a mobile grocery saving website that helps families save time and money on groceries through personalized price match grocery lists, 10-point tutorial and money-savings blogs. As a result, families save significant time and money on groceries in spite of their busy lifestyles.



A legal claim resolution service and data base. We use online panelists to value legal claims for attorneys and insurance companies. We store those in a database to be used for future valuation and AI application.

Chai Me


Chai Me makes people happy! We sell authentic, refreshing, delicious, Indian chai (milk tea), using Aisha's traditional family recipe, prepared the same way for generations, using imported ingredients blended and packaged in Kansas City. A hot cup of chai is the perfect way to start your day with a smile!

The Fleet rewards drivers for improving the relationship between their Automobile and the Environment. We help you make the roads safer, more affordable and much more social. The Fleet works by communicating with your car via a wireless diagnostic device that is easily installed under your car’s dash. It instantly transforms your phone or tablet instantly into a real-time mobile Automotive Performance Manager, Maintenance Assistant, Error Diagnosis Tool, and Solutions Finder at a very low price.

CouponCloud, Inc.


CouponCloud is a processing platform for the consumer packaged goods coupon industry. Our platform validates and and reconciles both paper and digital coupons at the point of sale eliminating the need for grocery retailers to ship coupons to third party paper coupon clearing houses to manually process CPG coupons.

DropShades Eyewear LLC


DropShades are the world’s best audio responsive party glasses that “dance” to the beat of the music. Using a tiny microphone connected to a signal processor, incoming sound is translated across six horizontal bars that cascade an array of lights up and down according to the beat of the music. The effect is an audio responsive light show for everyone to enjoy.

Leap2 - Leap.it


At its core, Leap2 set out to reinvent search by focusing on a core value statement that “Every user deserves the whole answer.” Leap2's newest product, Leap.it, a social search engine, is revolutionizing search as we know it. By combining web artifacts, social context and curated content, Leap.it gives users the ability to view, gather, share and really use what they find, in a more visual and engaging way.



The RareWire App Creation Studio makes it substantially easier to build native apps for iOS and Android devices. RareWire has built an engine that requires the base skill set of a web designer, not a developer. While most apps take developers weeks to build, RareWire apps can be built in a matter of days.

BARR Corporate Health


Onsite corporate wellness programs Employee Health coaching



Kansas City's 1st mobile food truck for dogs.

Dark Horse Distillery


Dark Horse is a grain to bottle craft distillery and event space, currently producing DHD Reunion Rye Whiskey, DHD Reserve Bourbon, Long Shot White Whiskey, Rider Vodka and a seasonal Special Release DHD Reunion Rye Barrel Strength.

Zoomin Market


Zoomin Market is the area's (and possibly the nation's) first grocery store where you order online, are notified once the groceries are ready and then drive-thru to pick up.

ImpeDx Diagnostics


We have developed a rapid blood culture diagnostic technology that has significant pharmacoeconomic benefits and will substantially improve patient outcomes by improving the time to detection for blood born pathogens.

notes to self, llc


notes to self, llc designs, develops, and sells positive affirmation apparel and accessories. Our first product is notes to self® socks - high quality athletic socks with positive affirmations like 'I am awesome' on the toes and the main word ('awesome') on the bottom. They are Made in the USA and sold in over 1000 stores nationwide and online. Our goal by the end of 2014 is to get 1 Million pairs on people's feet, thru sales and by donating socks to those in need - directly and by partnering with others

alvöru clothing


alvöru clothing is for women who want feminine, classic, comfortable clothes that balance career and casual with challenges of hormonal fluctuations that cause hot flashes and night sweats. alvöru clothing – real women. real comfort. real cool.

Keefe Cravat LLC


An online bow tie store that enhances your sense of style. Mission Statement: To bridge the gap between fashion and confidence.

FEWDM Fitness


The Rock 360 was invented in 2010 by Fitness Professional, Tommy Saunders. After seeing someone use an ab wheel on a box to get a larger range a motion, Saunders knew there must be a better way to workout core muscles. There wasn’t, so he created one: the Rock 360. The ROCK 360 combines physical fitness and innovation to provide an improved way for everyone to achieve a healthy, strong body.

Kansas City B-cycle


Kansas City B-cycle is a C3 that runs the bike sharing system in KCMO.

On Track Fundraising Software LLC


On Track is a planning and task management tool designed for fundraising professionals.

Office Concerts


A wellness program featuring 35 minute, unplugged music performance by professional touring artists, in the office spaces of forward-thinking businesses. Office concert fees also support local arts organizations.

Tutorious Inc.


Tutorious is a KC based nonprofit tutoring organization, focusing on ACT preparation.It is Tutorious’ mission to democratize tutoring by providing all students with access to high quality, individualized tutoring services. We provide innovative and affordable test prep - focusing on the ACT - to help students take the next step in continuing their education.

Manos Chocolates


We meticulously craft stoneground "raw" chocolate that is free of all common allergens, low glycemic, direct trade, and more sustainable than conventional chocolate. As well as our "Helio Cups", maybe you've heard of them? They're essentially peanut-free "peanut butter" cups and are beginning to develop a cult like following. It's crazy.

The Paw Wash LLC.


When I was 12, I was playing with my Lab/German Shepherd mix Sadie when I became frustrated with the standard ways to try and clean Sadie's paws with using hoses, buckets, and towels. They were clunky and ineffective. So, I decided to invent a product to clean her paws easily. The timing was also perfect for me to incubate, develop, and then test her idea through my 6th grade school science project. The Paw Wash was born and I was swiftly awarded a U.S. Patent.

Pet Cooler Carrier, LLC


Pet Cooler Carrier is the world's first pet carrier that cool and hydrates using 100% natural ice! Through the property of standard convection cool air drops, then as the ice melts a self-sealing water valve inside provides fresh drinking water! With 3 canvas snap on curtains and 5 storage/ice trays, our carrier boasts having more included add-ons than any other. The stylish design also provides storage, it's super sturdy (holding my 150 lbs on top) and, best of all, is made in the USA!

Unlocked Inc


We manufacture and sell furniture in the developed world so we can build and give away furniture in the less developed world.

BIME Analytics


BIME is a cloud-based Business Intelligence company, founded in the south of France. We very recently selected Kansas City as our US HQ, and are in the process of opening new digs in The Crossroads at 1812 Broadway.



Dewsly is developing a revolutionary platform that drives community within a school setting. With many additional features available Dewsly can streamline all web- electronic- and email-based functions making the student/parent/teacher relationship more attainable and rewarding. Comprised of forward thinking widely experienced individuals we are working together to make school involvement more enjoyable accessible and instantaneous than ever before.

Dynamic Athletics Research Institute


Dynamic Athletics Research Institute (DARI) is the only company in the world capable of measuring precise human kinetics without the use of force plates or any contact-based equipment. Our DARI Motion Labs paired with the DARI:Vault, efficiently collect full-body data, immediately processes targeted and customized reports for any movement, and comprehensively manages the full-body data in a web-based environment.

Hang Ups in KC


We personally create and sell unique jewelry, ornaments and cards made from traditional jewelry supplies and repurposed items such as keys, silverware, typewriter keys, buttons, key holes and belts. We have just launched a line of literacy inspired jewelry to benefit Literacy Kansas City. Hang Ups creations can be found in 5 local stores as well as online.

Kansas City Shock, L.L.C


Kansas City's first premier women's soccer team; a grassroots effort to combine community, sport, and a local economy to highlight talent and businesses throughout the Great Plains.

World Help Solutions


World Help Solutions provides interactive mobile platforms that connect educational information (ex. clean water) remotely to impoverished communities, empowering locals, including women and youth, to solve clean water and agriculture problems. The app uses remote demonstration and decision-making software to give indigenous people the power to improve their own environment, such as improving clean water choices, medical treatments, or agricultural productivity. By eliminating significant transporation costs and administration costs, organizations can save $3000-$10,000 per employee per year in transportation and labor costs.



ClaimKit investigates, measures and predicts billions in surety and construction claims. We work with sureties, insurance companies and their claim teams to collect, organize and review documentation to evaluate claims.



Investment management software making the world more efficient for private equity investors and the entrepreneurs they fund.

Rumble cosmetics


The only brand that has NCAA licensed beautiful makeup for the female fan. Quality makeup palettes, nail polish and lip gloss are the current products. We are in 80 retailers and launched at Halls on the Plaza last holiday season. We are the official sponsers of the KU cheer and dance team. We are local makeup artist with a passion for making female fans feel pretty and proud not painted and loud. We currently hold 26 licenses and want to grow to 150. We are working with Nordstrom for a spring buy.

ToastyTote Outdoor Gear


ToastyTote is a Patent Pending 5-in-1 weatherproof garment that will keep you Warm and Dry and on the Fly. ToastyTote can be used as a Wrap, Poncho, Picnic Blanket, Seat Cushion, and Chair Carrier. ToastyTote is for soccer moms, football dads, pro sports fans, college fans, high school fans, hunting, fishing, camping and so many more.



CinemaKC is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit volunteer lead organization that has been showcasing the local film community through a television show on KCPT and movie screenings since 2010. CinemaKC became an official NPO entity July 1, 2013.



e-Beacons provides public safety services in the form of web and mobile applications. Last year we presented a solution for campus safety, this time we would like to present our new community policing platform, "CommunityBeacons."



Athletes who run and bike have had devices for years that monitor and track their performance. An athlete cannot improve what they do not measure. Now, there is a performance monitor for hoops. ShotTracker is “Nike+ for basketball shooting.” ShotTracker automatically tracks basketball shot attempts, makes, and misses, providing players with real-time shooting statistics. The mobile app and Website provides users with competitive shooting challenges and statistical charts that graph their improvement.

World Housing Solution Inc.


World Housing Solution, an Edgewater, Florida company manufactures rapidly deployable and reusable thermally efficient structures and shelters for the US military, oil and gas, and foreign medical lab industries. Utilizing insulated composite panels with an integrated proprietary assembly and foundation, this unique system allows the deployment of the units either on, or above, grade thereby eliminating the need for expensive site preparation without sacrificing structural integrity.



Hoopla.io is an events marketing platform and syndication network. We provide local businesses with a more effective way to market their events and publishers with the best hyperlocal events content.



Welltodo is a mobile health technology company that is bringing your personal health care into the age of big data and the intelligent machine. We leverage the latest advances in data analytics, medical monitoring, and behavioral science to target your specific clinical problems with personalized behavioral interventions and disease management steps that lead to improved health outcomes.

Code for America


Founded in 2009, Code for America (CfA) is a nonprofit collaborating with local governments to foster and facilitate innovation. CfA is known for its fellowship program, which embeds tech and design professionals in local governments explore new approaches to resolving local challenges. Through the Accelerator, Brigade, and Peer Network programs, CfA is connecting cities with startups and volunteers, as well as each other.

Touchpoint Dashboard, LLC


Touchpoint Dashboard sprung from a perceived pain felt by leading customer experience industry consultants and practitioners in building customer journey maps. Most maps in the past have been created using drawing and standard office tools. The result is a two-dimensional experience that might hang on the wall as a poster and be a powerful customer-centric teaching tool, but really is just a snapshot in time that is difficult to interact with and change.

The Vow Exchange


The Vow Exchange is a destination for couples wanting a small, intimate and affordable wedding. Modeled after the iconic Vegas Wedding Chapel, The Vow Exchange offers couples wedding packages including a quaint location for 20 of their favorite folks, officiants to preside their ceremony, quality professional photography, and flowers for the bride and groom. Wedding packages range in price from $200 to $1000.



Whobaloo is an online graphic design platform that allows you to easily create and send digital and printed cards, invitations and announcements.



Zapier, a Y Combinator (S12) alum, is a web automation platform that allows businesses to connect hundreds of best-in-breed web services. Founded in October 2011 at Startup Weekend Columbia (Mo.), Zapier is based in Mountain View, Calif. Investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvesten, Kevin Hale and others.



Cloud Elements is an API Management Service that developers and enterprises use to integrate, monitor and maintain leading cloud services at a fraction of the cost and time. With our unique one-to-many approach, a developer can integrate a single API to access all the leading services in categories such as documents, messaging, payments, CRM, Customer Service, Social Networking and more.

SportsPhotos.com, Inc


SportsPhotos.com is a marketplace that makes the buying and selling of sports photography very simple and streamlined.

Farming Blueprint, LLC


Farming Blueprint, LLC ™ regards the five pillars of sustainability, ( Food, Shelter, Community, Order and Consciousness ™) as the core of our company’s philosophy. Farming Blueprint as is web-based educational tool for students at the University level, an economic tool for the agricultural producer, and has a website component for community investment of restaurateurs and all consumers interested in sustainable food production and local community growth.

Hammerspace Community Workshop


Hammerspace community workshop provides a workshop and tools as well as an awesome working environment to local creators. Classes are taught on such diverse disciplines as black smithing, wood working, CNC fabrication, welding, molding and casting, 3D printing, electronics and soldering.

EON Sports VR


We use virtual reality to enhance how athletes and teams prepare for games. Our software is the only football training tool that uses technology proven to teach better than game film.

T.Y.L. Innovations LLC


S-CapeMate is a residential fire alarm for rooms with small children, the hearing impaired, and the elderly.

VolunteerMark LLC


We are a software-as-a-service volunteer management solution for nonprofit organizations. Our affordable software helps nonprofits recruit, retain, and recognize their volunteers to grow their volunteer programs.

Maranatha Educational Services, LLC


Maranatha Educational Services, LLC is the most sought-after ACT Prep and In-Home Math Tutoring company providing affordable and convenient services to students (K-12 and College.) The firm specializes in ACT Prep Course Services provided one month prior to every National ACT Test. Students go through a full course of ACT Prep strategies, testing, evaluation and practice

Mobile Innovations LLC - dba - MessageQube


We offer a wireless solutions platform built around a new wireless device called the MessageQube. Invented in 2012, it's a cellular printer originally designed to enhance communication with older adults who do not use SMS or email. It's use has expanded to include application solutions for public safety and healthcare. The company sells the MessageQube device along with a monthly or annual subscription fee for the service.

Briefcase powered by Cobrapps


Briefcase, powered by Cobrapps, delivers real-time push notifications to job seekers and keeps track of the entire process from start to finish and beyond. Briefcase is a powerful tool allowing the seeker to keep up with everyday demands while simultaneously staying on top of their job hunt, from anywhere or anyplace.

The 816 Bicycle Collective


The 816 Bicycle Collective is a free community bicycle shop that connects low-income people to the tools, experience, and space to build or repair bicycles. The focus of the shop is to empower those who utilize our services to overcome the barriers of transportation inequity.

Kids Calendar


The Kids Calendar is a local online resource guide for parents to find information about events, classes, and other services for kids and families.

Mighty Handle


Mighty Green Solutions manufactures and distributes The Mighty Handle (TMH). TMH is an ergonomic device that helps consumers to safely and efficiently carry and transport their groceries, dry cleaning and retail purchases.



We are a not for profit organization working on local economic development and job creation in the greater Kansas City and surrounding area.

SafeDefend, LLC


SafeDefend was created by an elementary principal to provide an effective deterrent from intruders and active shooters in schools. SafeDefend provides training and protection options for staff to increase survivability in a worst case scenario. SafeDefend was created with a substantial amount of support from local and state law enforcement officials.



Purk'd is a Social Rewards app company that helps retail stores (restaurants and all others) get new customers, introduce them to their customers friends through creative use of social media, provide instant customer feedback and reward loyalty in a fun and profitable way...emphasis on fun. We also help integrate non-profit organizations into the business community through the app, driving donations and business to the merchants.

U-Hoops LLC


U-hoops.com is a networking website where basketball players can showcase their skills and talent, creditable agents and scouts receive a jump start to picking the right prospects, where camps and organizations present exclusive opportunities for athletes who are serious about their careers.

PaleoFit Meals


PaleoFit Meals offers prepared meals according to the paleo diet to Kansas City metro. We recently launched a line of paleo snacks which we sell locally and ship nationally. We intend to start shipping our food nationally by the end of the summer at which time we'll add nutritional coaching and DIY resources. Our aim is to equip our customers to Eat Clean and Live Fit through our food, snacks, nutrition coaching and resources.



SocialHeart strives to involve community members in what matters most – The Kansas City Community! A KC based non-profit that provides support to all local 501(c)3 organizations. SocialHeart is an organization where being social is as important as volunteering. Services include: Planning / Coordinating Fundraising Events / Sponsorship / Donations, Social Media / Marketing Promotions and Volunteer Support. SocialHeart does not charge member dues or organizations for their efforts.



The BedBug is a plush toy for children that allows loved ones to stay connected by recording 3 message. It makes those times when you have to be apart easier by giving children something to hug while they listen to the soothing voice of a loved one.

Four Season Tools


At Four Season Tools, we believe dynamic, year-round farming systems that dramatically increase yield and nutrition are the keys to the future of successful agriculture. With a focus on purposefully designed tools and effective growing techniques, we offer farm development consultation, season extending fixed and movable greenhouses, and an extensive selection of farm implements to support farmers and gardeners across the country.



The mission of BoysGrow is to take an inner-city boy and open his eyes to the possibilities and realities of entrepreneurship. BoysGrow uses Farming and Agriculture as the vehicle to instill pride, identity, discipline, and an understanding of the Business World



TravelingNuker.com provides scheduling and hiring contact information for the 11 unionized skilled building trades that work to maintain the US nuclear power plant fleet. Sound too niche? Nuclear power accounts for 20% of all US electricity production, a $366 billion dollar market. The workforce that we charge our subscription fees numbers over 250,000. They will earn approximately $13.4 billion dollars each year from the work we track in this industry.

Bright Light Investments LLC


Bright Light Investments LLC is based in Kansas City, MO. Sedgwick the 3D DLP Resin Printer is our most recent project, it has been in the works for about two years.



The United States Postal Service reports that every year businesses pay out millions, and potentially billions, of dollars to phony invoice schemes. Scams may go on for months or even years before victims discover the problem. In response to this, PhonyInvoices has created a suite of services to combat this growing problem of invoice fraud. We have integrated solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, enterprise, and even government agencies.

N2LIFE Project


Mentor support services for those emerging from incarceration.

Sharp Connections, LLC


Translating Politics Into English for State and Local Elected Officials and Candidates.



Autoswaprz is an online automotive marketplace. We provide users with a better way to buy, sell, and swap new and used vehicles in Kansas City.

Tax Hero LLC


Tax Hero provides a service to small to mid-market clients nationwide in a diverse assortment of industries with a simple, elegant and easy to use solution to fit any and all of your business accounting needs. Use our Tax Hero app to digitize and securely transmit receipts to our accountants, you do nothing else. Tax Hero - Enjoy. Accounting.

Oddly Correct


We are a company seeking to put to death the inherent tendency towards complacency and mediocrity by sourcing, roasting and preparing kick-ass coffee in Midtown, Kansas City, MO.

OverCities, LLC


OverCities is a revolutionary new platform that will change the way people discover and connect with their city.

Idle Smart


Idle Smart is a patented idle reduction solution designed specifically for fleet owners and drivers of over the road trucks to save money on fuel. Powered by the Idle Smart Fuel Optimization Software™, Idle Smart continuously monitors interior and ambient temperatures and then safely and efficiently starts and stops a vehicle to reduce fuel consumption while maintaining the desired cabin temperature for the driver.

Looky Loo Light


A revolutionary new product for child photographers to capture the attention of stubborn subjects.

KC Curbside Glass


KC Curbside Glass is a locally owned business dedicated to providing the Kansas City metro area with an easy way to recycle their glass and to move closer to a sustainable future. With our curbside glass recycling service, it does not get much easier. Just drop your empty glass bottles, jars, and containers into our custom glass bin, slide it out to the curb, and you’re done. We’ll deliver the glass to our friends at Ripple Glass where they will give it new life.

Triskilian Consulting LLC


We designed and produced an inmate rehabilitation/re-entry program, as well as a personal use version for the general public aimed at confronting and healing past issues from being a victim of abuse or violence. I have also paid for a conversational Spanish version translation so it can be marketed to correctional facilities with a large Hispanic population as well as overseas.

Berry Sleepy


Berry Sleepy blends three proven sleep-inducing superfruits to create a healthy all-natural sleep aid rich in vitamins and antioxidants.

FlexPro Meals


We design nutritional meals and nutritional meal plans based off our clients fitness goals and then prepare and deliver/ship their meals fresh every week.

Bier Station


Bier Station is the Midwest's first craft beer tasting bar/bottle shop, which blends a packaged beer store with a tavern environment. Customers can buy drafts to drink on site, buy bottled/canned beer to drink on site, or buy packaged beer to go -- essentially, the "best of all worlds" for beer fans. Bier Station's founder, John Couture, utilized the Kauffman Foundation Urban Entrepreneur Program to help bring the project to reality. Bier Station opened in December 2012.

SLiK Hound


SLiK Hound is a Kansas City manufacturer of high quality pet products. We seek to sell to the 17,000 small pet stores that compete with Petsmart and Petco. Our unique and exclusive products can not be found anywhere for less than the MSRP. SLiK Hound brings value back to the main street shopping experience.



Doodlekit is a Free Website Builder designed to make it possible for anyone to create beautiful websites with advanced features.

New Frontiers LLC


Gift Professor is a free personal shopper. Unlike “search” we offer “discovery” to help people who do not know what they are looking for. By asking “What are the characteristics of the person you are shopping for?” the site performs e-harmony like matching, product to person. We aggregated 2000 merchant best products creating an e-commerce platform to help them compete against Amazon. Our short survey, that is a collaboration of social psychology and computer science is a next gen method of shopping.

Howard's Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch


Howard’s Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch is a membership grocery supporting the relationship between local producers and consumers through a commitment to organic, fair trade and humanely raised goods. Howard’s is an innovative model, based on the honor system and open 24/7 to its members. The fair value market prices of the store allows for good food… every day and anytime.



Software service for IT operations. Helps developers and systems admins detect and resolve application problems faster.

Golem Group, LLC


Golem Workshop is an affiliation of freelancers that specializes in social robotics, animatronics, and interactive special effects.

Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters


The mission of Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters is to provide customers with small-batch, top-shelf, fresh roasted specialty coffee; outstanding customer service; and to generate an enthusiastic and flourishing coffee culture in Kansas City and beyond.



Kahootz is an interactive online calendar that allows users to easily organize, share, and discover calendars from any source. Import all of your favorite calendars from your kid’s school, soccer team, gym, or other social media sites into one place. When a change is made to a calendar, all that follow are instantly updated. Follow your favorite restaurant or department store and always be in sync with promotional events, deals, and sales. Any time, anywhere, you’re always in Kahootz.

Visiting Providers/ eBanyan, LLC


Home Health Management solution for long-term elderly patient care.

Flyover Innovations LLC


Flyover Innovations, LLC is dedicated to designing, developing and delivering “technology made simple,” with elegantly designed and easy-to-use consumer electronics devices.

Genneo, Inc.


Genneo makes portable linear generators for outdoor battery charging applications. We serve outdoor recreation, military, and consumer portable electronics accessory markets.

Urban Harvest KC


Urban Harvest KC is an indoor Aquaponic farm on the Westside of downtown Kansas City, Mo. We grow organic chemical free micro-greens and vegetables, using a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture. UHKC offers custom design, build, and consultation of small and large outdoor/indoor Aquaponic systems. We also offer maintenance plans. We have teamed up with several different local certified organic farmers to offer CSA pick up at our store. Our CSA is available all year around.

Pearl Leaves


Pearl Leaves designs customizable software and services that makes healthcare management more accessible and enjoyable.

The Language Project


Dynamic and interactive language classes teaching children a new language in an immersion-based setting using music, stories, games and more.

Lucky Orange


Lucky Orange is a service that lets you see how people use your website by watching recordings of their browsing sessions. As the website owner you can select what to record, including keystrokes, mouse movements, mouse clicks, and scrolls. The service works with members only pages as well as dynamic content. In addition Lucky Orange provides tools for heatmaps, polls, and live support chat.

Play Modern


Play Modern makes modern, modular playhouses from ecofriendly materials. Our playhouses pack flat and assemble in minutes with minimal tools. We have indoor and outdoor models in one- and two-story configurations. All our products are made in the USA. Cuba Playhouses are designed by an architect and modern design enthusiast to promote modern design, safe, creative play, and a better world for our children’s children.

Home for Hackers


Our goal is to further the business community in Kansas City. We do this by luring startups into the area by offering a 3 month rent-free stay in a Google Fiber-connected home, provided by a generous volunteer homeowner.

Ruxter is self-service mobile marketing for small business. Simple to use and merchant-focused, driven by digital word-of-mouth for quick organic growth and high ROI; Ruxter puts small B2C organization in front of the mobile revolution with proven mobile marketing tools. With mobile coupons, text messaging, mobile webapps, analytics, and more; Ruxter's customers use sophisticated mobile tools to increase customer traffic, build loyalty, and most importantly - increase revenue.

Airport Life


As an airline pilot for 24 years I have seen a lot of stressed out and unhappy passengers. I am passionate about making flying easier and less frustrating for passengers. I started Airport Life to do just that. Our Airport Life® smartphone and tablet app is the first step in achieving our company mission. Our goal is for Airport Life to be known as the “brand” name that passengers think of when looking for help to make their travel easier.

New Birth Company


New Birth Company’s fundamental purpose is to transform the birth experience through innovation and women’s economic power. Our Mission is to establish and advance high performing birth centers that give back to the communities they serve. We offer women and their families a contemporary natural childbirth experience that is safe, beautiful and affordable.

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